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    • Welcome to a New World of Tea.

      Dilmah’s Tea Gastronomy programme is an innovative concept that celebrates tea as an essential element of food and of life.

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    Welcome to Dilmah UK.

    Dilmah is a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea. We are a family-owned company founded on a passion and lifetime devoted to tea.


    Merrill J. Fernando Innovation Awards

    #ecovation Innovation is the key to growth and to managing the humanitarian and environmental challenges we face as a nation. Sri Lanka is richly blessed with biological diversity but equally with the historical and cultural heritage, knowledge and intellectual ability. Creativity, commitment and innovation will also support a more sustainable alignment towards the development of […]


    Mar 10

    Poland Joins the Revolution

    Poland is gearing up for Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge, and with culinary traditions stemming from the Middle-Ages, largely influenced by religion which are still prevalent today, the competition is bubbling with anticipation, with intriguing results brewing in the pipeline. The Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge provides a platform with which to assess up and coming […]

    Feb 25

    Dilmah’s Limited Edition Seasonal Flush Green Tea – Park Estate Seasonal Emerald Green OP1

    The result of a fleeting climatic phenomenon where wind, sunshine and the terroir of the land join hands to produce conditions that are conducive for this creation process, Seasonal Flush teas are extremely rare and unique. Dry winds that fan the valleys and slopes, supported by chilly nights and bright, dry days with infrequent light […]


  • Rotary Polio Plus has helped avoid suffering amongst hundreds of thousands .. @UN Secretary Gen. Ban Ki Moon at #Rotary16
    --29 May
  • #Rotary16 Convention #Seoul awesome start. Paradigm shifting President 2016 K. Ravindran inspires ‘be a gift to the world’ @KRRavindran105
    --29 May
  • @ErandaGinige damage to tea & material sad but manageable. The tragedy is in destructive impact on machinery for value addition. @anushwij
    --29 May
  • The @UN #SDGs a blueprint for business in 21st Century. Ending poverty more fulfilling than profit alone #businessisamatterofhumanservice
    --29 May
  • Never so happy to see blue skies as this afternoon when days of storms yielded. 400,000 displaced & many lost lives #pray for #srilanka
    --20 May