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    • Welcome to a New World of Tea.

      Dilmah’s Tea Gastronomy programme is an innovative concept that celebrates tea as an essential element of food and of life.

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    • Teatime is Changed Forever

    Welcome to Dilmah UK.

    Dilmah is a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea. We are a family-owned company founded on a passion and lifetime devoted to tea.


    Merrill J. Fernando Innovation Awards

    #ecovation Innovation is the key to growth and to managing the humanitarian and environmental challenges we face as a nation. Sri Lanka is richly blessed with biological diversity but equally with the historical and cultural heritage, knowledge and intellectual ability. Creativity, commitment and innovation will also support a more sustainable alignment towards the development of […]


    Jun 07

    Trickling down the benefits of Ceylon tea

    In the land of Ceylon tea, Sri Lanka, Merrill J. Fernando takes a humble approach to cultivating and selling his herbal product. The 86-year-old founder and chairman of MJF Group has built a successful enterprise by globalizing Ceylon tea, and he channels the profits back to his country. “Tea was a blessed divine herb in […]

    Jun 07

    Plantation Nation

    The roots of Sri Lanka’s tea industry began, oddly with coffee. It was the 1870s and a disease known as “coffee rust” was gradually wiping out all the country’s coffee plantations. Leaving growers with two choices: either abandon their business, or follow the lead of a Scottish man named James Taylor. Considered a pioneer of […]


  • 'Slow death' of tea in Britain no fault of tea https://t.co/x1shqfO0QR but tea business overcoming tea passion #teatimerocks #forloversoftea
    --28 Jun
  • The pioneer Ceylon Tea planters who made tea great would turn to coffee at news of the fate of their favourite brew https://t.co/KOl4hI3l7i
    --21 Jun
  • Honoured to have you in #SriLanka Sir Richard #Hadlee, thank you & Cricket Live for joining #MJFCF in changing lives https://t.co/bpIueMtHSj
    --18 Jun
  • 5,000 years ago #tea was prized as #medicine, and today an indulgent beverage but still a medicine... more evidence https://t.co/kWL0iVEJ44
    --18 Jun
  • “I could not afford celebrities so I put my face on every pack of Dilmah.” @Dilmah #Founder #MerrillJFernando at #YPO #WPO PAC Event Colombo
    --16 Jun